Monday, July 24, 2017

Three Things you Didn't Know About BBB

Better Business Bureau Serving Greater Cleveland (BBB) has been serving the community for over 100 years. Though you may know about BBB Business Profiles, Accredited Businesses, Customers Reviews, and finding trustworthy businesses, there’s probably a few things you didn’t know. Let’s take a look behind the scenes to see what BBB Cleveland is really up to.
Engaging our youth
iStock_29724888_XLARGE.jpgTeens are full-fledged consumers, but many are lacking the basic financial literacy to assist them to make sound decisions.  Now, and as they become adults, they are at greater risk of falling prey to questionable offers, negative/costly buying experiences, and poor spending and credit practices. To help combat this problem, BBB launched its BBB TeenSmart program during the 2008-2009 school year. Since then we have provided over 130 financial literacy workshops to more than 2800 high school students. Workshops are conducted by BBB staff and volunteers from the business community. Classes include topics like: credit & debit, budgeting, online safety, student loans, and identity theft. BBB also host our Students of Integrity scholarship contest that honor four local high school juniors or seniors who personifies ethics through leadership, community service, and actions.
iStock_74189043_SMALL.jpgHonoring those who serve, have served, and their families
The BBB Military Line is a consumer education program. We work to bring education and outreach to equip those who serve, have served, and their families with the tools they need to navigate an ever changing and often complex marketplace. We use education and outreach that is user focused - on the ground - on the web - and through mobile technology. The MobileMi$$ion app is designed to help transitioning service members, veterans and their families manage their finances during the shift from active duty to civilian life. Want to learn more? Get tips and articles by signing up for the Trusted Scout, a BBB Military Line newsletter.
 Resolving Disputes

The goal of mediation/arbitration is to resolve business/consumer disputes quickly and economically as an alternative to the court system. BBB has been helping resolve disputes for almost 100 years. Whether your company is a small local firm or large national corporation, we are here to share our expertise and experience with you and your customers.  The BBB is a recognized leader in the design, development and implementation of dispute resolution programs.  Acknowledged experts in dispute resolution direct the development and delivery of programs and employ cutting edge technology to manage programs and services. A panel of approximately 1,000 professional arbitrators--predominantly attorneys--partner with the BBB system to provide arbitration hearings that are local and yet consistent with overall program mandates.  

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