Monday, June 5, 2017

Utilizing Customer Reviews for Your Small Business

Small business owners engage in a variety of marketing techniques to help promote their small business. But, one source of marketing that often gets overlooked is the customers. A customer letting others know about their experience can have a big impact on a business. 88% of consumers claim that reviews impact their buying decision. Using Customer Reviews are not only a free source of advertising, but can create a positive image for potential new customers.

Timing is everything

Don’t be afraid to ask for Customer Reviews. If you don’t ask, your chances are slim to none of getting a positive review. If a customer has a bad experience, they will set out to write a bad review. A customer with a good experience may simply let you know in person or over the phone. Be direct! Take the opportunity to ask your customer to share his/her experience in an online review.

How to Ask for a Customer Review

It takes people several times to hear/see something before they remember it - let alone take action. Make it easy for customers to leave you a review by encouraging them to read/leave reviews about your business throughout your interaction. Train staff to tell potential customers to read reviews about your business before making a purchasing decision, as well as asking for review at the end of service. Make is part of your employee’s daily interaction with customers.Create visual customer review content that engages customers including emails, email signatures, stickers, postcards, signs, and social media posts.

Solutions are important 

Each and every customer review, good or bad, deserves a response. Though it may be hard to not take a negative review personally, remember this is business. You want to respond to customer reviews in a timely, genuine, and professional manner. If you have a positive review, a simple “thank you” can show your appreciation. If you do have a negative review, make an honest effort to resolve the issue. We all make mistakes; potential customers like to see both sides and how a business responds.  

BBB makes it easier for consumers to leave reviews about a business. To learn more visit:


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